That Was The Year That Was…

The year ends.

Intense high and low points both professionally and personally but a year I’ve universally loved here, on the blog. I’ve grabbed a load of stuff I liked most from the almost 1400 posts here this year in chronological order. I’ve tried to stick to original content  picures, reviews, interviews, short storied and the like. Tried. All the rest of the videos, sites and clips are great but far too many to list here.

Back on the 12th.We start with…

The change one letter game:

My favourite first line on any post this year:

The Family at the Meteors:

The Bloggies 08:


The day Arthur C Clarke passed away…


Random pictures:

Sky Dining:

Tribute band names:

Your top 3s:

An actual post I wrote about old stuff:


The day I interviewed a horse:

Una’s “combine food with bands” game:

Why I love underground maps:

Miriam O’Callaghan and I drink vinegar:

Orpees drags me down a duuuuurty laneway:

The bloggers do Jay-Z:

Dmitri. The. Lover.

The day I thought the Rapture was upon us:

Oxegen 08:

The D O’D’s band/placename game:

The Dark Knight:

I discover burlesque:

6am on the beach:


Glendalough and Dollymount:

Ken Hammond!!!

My first night at Soundcheck:

When the bloggers went to Snoop:

The Ploughing Championships:

Shopping in d’UK:

The legendary Dr Cox from Scrubs:

Why girls do better blog names:

The Irish Web Awards:

Marseille photos:

Raptureponies’ Soundcheck:

Suntory time!!

My bit of The Blogosfear:

Our short story project:


The endless entertainment of the Social Networking Status Generator:

When I met the Seoiges:

My small part of A Blogmas Carol:

And, of course, Homepages – The Book

Of course it was also, sadly, the end for Twenty and Flirty:

And to finish our interviews or live studio performances during the year from…

Messiah J & The Expert –

Wallis Bird –

Tom Baxter –

David O’Doherty –

Kiera Knightley –

John Waters –

Phil Jupitus –

Estelle –

The Loose –

Glen Hansard just before the Oscars –

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