This Is Who We Are

Actually maybe I do have a few other things to say before the year is out while sitting here drinking a little of the fine Jack Daniels that Ham Sandwich sent me for Christmas (LOVE those guys) and listening to the lovely drum and bass stuff Fabio & Grooverider are putting out on BBC R1 currently.

Makes for a good mix and it’s a delightful antidote to Christmas songs.

I did want before the end of this most extraordinary year to wholeheartedly endorse some events or products.


These are blogs I swing by all the time, some are now friends or socialising buddies, some I’ve never met but they’re all the places I would encourage you to give your patronage to in 2009 (yes, I know I will have inevitably left some people out but the late hour and the booze, remember? Thanks):

11 thoughts on “This Is Who We Are

  1. Thanks, updating my blog and/or remembering my login for my blog is one of the top things on my list for 2009!

    All the best and happy new year!

  2. Awwwwww i got’s a warm glow reading that.Happy new year to you good sir,many thanks for the mention. I’m honored to have met you this year! There’s a place for you and OH in Vancouver if you ever fancy visiting!! x

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