My Top 3…

Didn’t quite think this would fly the way it did 🙂

Inspired by this (sure aren’t I always ;-), I asked you to send in your Top 3 of anything. Simple as that.

Top 3 smells. My 16 month old son after bath, freshly cut grass and fresh flowers.

Top 3 bra sizes. 1. 34dd 2. 36dd 3. 34d cause the do exactly what they say on the bra

Top 3 sunsets.. 1.Cable beach, western oz, 2.cook islands, south pacific, 3. Slea head, Kerry.

Top 3 punching noises in the original batman- 3. BIFF! 2. KAPOW! 1. ZORK! Classic!

Top 3 idiots. 3.jade goody, 2.her boyfriend 1. George dubya.

My top three fingers. No3- the thumb for giving enthusiastic thumb’s up to people:-) no2- the middle finger for obvious reasons and finally no1 index for poking and pointing

Top three things to be reincarnated as, a wild horse-in a safe environment of course.a fluffy puppy wit a doting owner or an old ladys spoilt rotten fat cat.

Top 3 skittles flavours: 1) purple 2) red 3) orange  (poor green n yellow arE de rejects, ye cudn evn giv dem away!)  Linda!:-)

Top 3 homework excuses..3:i was in the toilet when you told us…2:i thought that was for next week…1:my mam said do it after dinner..she didnt make dinner!

My top there door’s are automatic doors, patio doors and the door on the de Lorean cars… Daragh in clare..

Hi rick, 1 the day i watched as my son came into the world.  2. the day i got out of an abusive relationship. 3. the night i did a stand up gig in the laughter lounge. john

Top 3 raisin shapes 1. Elvis hair shaped 2. Kidney shaped 3. Flower shaped

Top 3 jokes that arent funny bout my name anymore! u get up at d crack of dawn 2.can i get up at d crack of dawn 3.were u up early this mornin? 22yrs later they r gettin borin! Originality people!

Top three cup’s of tea!  1. The first cup in the mornin! 2. The one after you’ve been swimmin in the sea when the water was reallly cold! 3. The one someone else make’s for you!

Top three things that freak me out 3 old ladies that smile and wink at me 2 babies that stare at me and 1 those urinals that are lowered down in mcdonalds

Here s my  top three rick. Top three looks. The look my son gives me when he s trying to get away with something . The look my daughter gives me when she s trying to get away with something. And the look my wife give me when she wants a word with me in the bedroom. Alone he he he he 😀

Top 3 driving moments. 3 approaching traffic lights and they turn green. 2. When d truck infront of you turns off and your left with an open road.1 getting home

D best 3 poos. 3-The one that doesn’t smell nd therefore doesn’t embarass u wen tr n public toilets. 2- d one thats been building 4 hrs nd gives such relief. 1 the after boose poo that actually cures the hangover. B in clare

Top 3 quotes from Intermission 1. ..And I know you’re baldy! 2. Is that a Wok I see?
3. Do I have a Ronnie? Well you’re no Tom Selleck

Top three cars i’d like to destroy      1 nissan micra  2 dawoo matiz  3 smart car  gareth

Top 3 yey! moments: 1. Wakin up and checkin the time and realisin you have a whole HOUR before the alarm 2. They DO have THOSE shoes in your size 3. TWO bars fall together in the vending machine

Top 3 things not to say. 3 how hard can it be. 2 what could go wrong. 1 things cant get any worse. Iain

See why I love the people who listen to my show so much?

5 thoughts on “My Top 3…

  1. Annie, you’re only mega!

    How could I have missed this e-mail….?

    Top 3 looks your flatmate gives you

    3 : the look you get when you meet for the first time and you’re not wearing any trousers

    2 : the look you get when your splattered and you get sick on the floor of his room

    1 : the look you get when you’re chatting up his girlfriend……

    I’m a terrible flatmate :/

    really enjoying the show. keep up the stellar work 😉


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