Random Blogger Night Out 1


Christ where do I start? Right. Things you didn’t know about some of your favourite bloggers…

Pedro Monscooch? Closet Nazi sympathiser…



Darren Crabling Otter? Only three feet tall…



Andrew Chancing My Arm? Nine feet tall…



Annie Rhiannon‘s cute Welsh accent? Doesn’t come out on the blog…



Orpees? Does sexy, even in wellies…




My mate bngr? Didn’t want to be pictured…



All in all Jay-Z’s gig was mega. Highlights included when his DJ used AC/DC’s Back In Black as the backing track for 99 Problems, his live versions of his vocals on Mundian Te Bach Ke and Umbrella, the Sunday Bloody Sunday segment, Bono’s virtual whipping up of the crowd, all the lads desperately trying to sing high for Hard Knock Life and the encore… Which was, well… Encore.



In conclusion I met some of THE loveliest people you could imagine and it’s the sort of thing I’ll definitely be doing again…

We were all as nervous as fuck around each other to begin with until some beverages were had (not by me, being off them for the week I hasten to add!!! More on that in another post).

The people I’d never met before were brilliant – you’d take Darren home to mammy, totally, Andrew and I had the most interesting discussion about heterosexual man crushes on footballers (more on THAT to come too), we just kept making Annie say things to hear her accent and Pedro… well Pedro is a ledgebag and totally unlike what you’d think 🙂

My closest friends were there too… bngr is THE most fun of anyone I know sober and Orpees the most fun I know of anyone when drinking 🙂 

They. Rock.



19 thoughts on “Random Blogger Night Out 1

  1. ledgebag is modern parlance for legend, aka dirtbag, freakbag, ledgebag. Pedro is indeed a legend, even though he didn’t give in to my taunts to get him to rap dance for us.

    Rick – you make me look like the freakbag I am in terms of not liking photographs but I don’t see any of you in there, and after me suffering a poxy sprained wrist from the fight to take your picture. I think the only responsible thing you can do as justice for my sore wrist is put up one of you.

  2. @Bngr Pedro did do a bit of dancing though. But I think you and I put him off with our hip hop gansta grooves.

  3. Thanks for the great night and for not showing my face. Especially since I looked like a deer in the headlights in the other photo. I was kicking myself on the way home when I forgot to check out the animation on your phone. Another time, hopefully.

  4. Bngr, then you shouldn’t have tried to wrestle my phone off me! Jaysus but you’re strong for someone so wiry…

    Pedro, definitely and anyway I think you need to keep a bit of the mystique when the rest of us have given it so cheaply away…

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