Here’s the game.

I was sitting having dinner with a mysterious friend last night and she pointed out the guy sitting next to me. Tan suit, long hair, very long beard. Arty type. in his late 20s. I commented that I thought he looked like he’d drifted in from a Strokes tribute band.

Then I started musing on what that band might be called.

The Stroke-Offs. Shite. But it started me off. Current bands that, one day, might have tribute acts…

I remembered the band I saw advertised in Athlone Recently.

Over the next few hours I thought about Newton Fakener, DupliKate Nash, Justin Timberfake… Listeners came up with Amy Mimehouse, Different Strokes, The Stereophonies…

Any original ideas?

7 thoughts on “Tribute

  1. 4U, Black PolkaDots, Kanye North, South and East, Kenny vs Spenny Kravitz, Cosby Pills and Dash, Cyndi Loopier, Higher Gates, RadioDead 🙂

  2. Donna, I had the advantage of having a radio show I could talk about it on 🙂 I think you getting blogrolled by other always helps, you comment on them, they comment on you etc…

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