Sweet Holy F*uck, Batman!!!


I’m conscious that I met almost every blogger in the word at the screening of The Dark Knight I’m just home from and that I’m shattered after 2 longs days on mornings so this will have to be very scattershot and brief.

The Dark Knight is the Godfather of superhero movies, and I mean that in the Francis Ford Coppola sense of the word. It’s dark, mean, angry, filthy, full of bile, hatred and poetry and the final, blinding performance of a genuinely talented light that was snuffed out soon after.

It’s a film that takes all of the rules of the genre and of the summer blockbuster and turns them on their heads, twists them around, inside out and then cuts the knot in the middle with a flick-knife.

Tonally it’s as different from the first one as “All You Need Is Love” is from “A Day In The Life”; think Seven rather than Spider-man. It ranges from sharp character interplay to James Bond-style international espionage to love story to serial murderer rampage to huge set pieces of destruction and back again effortlessly and with huge panache…

I’m not going to go on about Heath Ledger. The screen lights up every time he’s there. He is the foul beating heart of Christopher Nolan’s truly unique take on comics greatest dark hero and darkest great villain. That’s not to say he doesn’t know exactly when to play for the darkest possible laughs too (his first trick with the pencil is so vile and unthinkable and yet the audience burst into spontaneous applause!) He repulses us and yet we want more and more and more…



I came out of the cinema, like so many others around me, pounding full of adrenalin and wanting to start queuing for Thursday. Seriously.

FINALLY a film in 2008 that delivers everything it promised. Just as I had faith it would.


19 thoughts on “Sweet Holy F*uck, Batman!!!

  1. Nice to finally meet you, oh and I take back what I said, it WAS better than Iron Man. Ledger was great but I really enjoyed Aaron Eckhart’s performance as TwoFace.

  2. Bastid Mulley! One of my friends actually asked me if I was wearing a hat with a feather in it! *humph*

    John, glad I could twist your arm, it’s worth it…

    Darren, did you manage to sleep at all last night?!? You were like a 7 year old after a trip to McDonald’s…

    Rosie, very sensible…

    Darragh, likewise 🙂

    Sinead, you too… Sorry it was so short! And you’re very right, he’s a brilliant actor but does get a bit drowned out alright…

  3. […] Mr Rick ran off (apparently he has to get into work a little earlier than usual for the next few weeks) as did the Mulley (Sir, it was a pleasure finally meeting you properly, if ever so briefly), but a group of us headed for Grand Central to further autopsy the film. Anto, Maybury and his far better half Debs, Doyle, Niamh, Lady Anon and myself spent the next hour pouring over our favourite moments, our favourite lines, our shock moments and our best bits. […]

  4. At last the grumpy aul fecker finds a film he can’t moan about. I just feel sorry for the Spin ticket winners who had to go to Mamma Mia instead. I’m very looking forward to see the Abba flick but if I was psyched up to see Batman it would be torture.

  5. I’m conscious that I met almost every blogger in the world at the screening of The Dark Knight

    Not this one….some of us have to watch it with the non blogging plebs. (GASP!)

    Can’t. Freaking. Wait.

  6. Read this before I went to see it so was expecting brilliance but was still blown away. Didn’t help with that headache I’d had though with the constant balls-to-the-wall tension.

  7. Brilliant movie. Pity they killed off (EDIT – SPOILER SPOILER!!!!). Read today that Angelina Jolie wants to play Catwoman in any sequel that she might feature. Think about that for a moment lads…

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