The Obligatory Meteor Awards Post

Right. I’m locked in this Saturday night and my little guy wants to see daddy on the telly so that’s grand with me.

Last night was fun even if I don’t deal with occasions like that very well. I never got into radio to be in the spotlight, far from it

The bit before was almost even better. Me and the guys from the show went for dinner in a nice spot that does good steak (you have to push the boat out on occasions like this) and had a few beers/bottles of vino. Rock. Because I was presenting they send a car for you all that whisks you around at your whim all night. Bizarre. So this is how real famous people are treated 😉

At the gig we we’re at in the nominees section so, of course they have bright lights on you most of the time, roving cameras (no nose picking so) and that great bloody big one on the boom that appears to be shooting the top of my head every time it flies over. Very disconcerting.

Even more disconcerting? They have seat fillers. Like the Oscars. It means whenever someone leaves to go to the loo or the bar or whatever a bright young thing is sent up to fill the space for the tv cameras. We had a permanent one for the night as one of our number couldn’t go at the last minute. I’ll be honest – we all chatted with her but I’m damned if I can remember her name. I do remember she had a friend called Storm. It’s amazing the little things that stick.

Personally I LOVED the Cake Sale, Cathey Davey and Sinead & The Loose particularly.

To nip the rumour in the bud, yes I did have a hip flask. Yes it had Jack Daniels in it, yes it was to calm the nerves being fully aware the bar would be shut during the show and yes, Foley and I did partake while sitting in our seats. No, it didn’t have JP in it. He may be pocket sized, but… 🙂

In other news:

Dara O’Briain? Ledgebag. Ever before he let me recreate the “front of the ship” scene from Titanic onstage at the suggestion of Podge from Ham Sandwich. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Shame I had to be the Kate Winslet, but he is taller than me.

Yes, we thought Diarmuid Gavin may have had a few too.

Yes, the chicks from the Clinic are so tiny you’d fit them in a handbag.

It’s amazing who you meet in the Portaloos. I met Duke Special and Dave Geraghty. Lovely hurling.

Big up to KC. He the man.

Boyzone? The BEST recieved band of the night by the crowd (until the Sawdoctors turned up), particularly when they did the patented “square dance”. No comment.

I stood longest and clapped loudest for Jim Aiken’s award and was incredibly moved when his son Peter walked back to his seat with tears streaming down his face. The whole crowd was with him.

In the VIP presenter bar backstage surrounded by the likes of Glenda Gilson, Brian O’Driscoll, Charlize Theron and Stuart Townsend and Westlife I was most impressed by standing next to Stephen Rea. He rocks.

I’d run away to Patagonia with Cathy Davey. Seriously. Call me.

Presenting at nationally televised awards ceremonies is THE most surreal part of my job ever.

Brezzie Blizzard was telling me about their new album. I CAN’T wait!

I met a fellow blogger at the afterparty. He had a fluffy badge. It’s become akin to a masonic handshake among those of us who have them 🙂

As I was waiting to go on everyone was going mental over some tall good looking lad behind me waiting to go on after me. Turns out after it was this lad from Sex & The City. Me? Not a clue. Amanda nearly went through me for a shortcut.

And, as with last year, I only remembered to take one photo:


 Yes, that’s Ray D’arcy’s head. Sorry Ray. 

For the second year running I had no idea he was sitting within three feet of me until he leaned over to say hi, shake my hand and wish me luck. I feel like a muppet. Again. Jenny is particularly lovely too. She chatted with me about stuff she’d heard on my show that week and I told her how brilliant I thought Farrell and Gleeson were with them that morning. I still find conversations like that incredibly surreal.

Just saw my bit now on the telly show. I watched through my fingers (as I always do). Turned out the shirt, jacket and jeans weren’t as much of a car crash as I’d originally feared (don’t suppose anyone has access to my bit and can post it on Youtube?).

My mammy just rang. She thought I looked lovely. But then again she’s bound to 🙂

And we’re back in the room


11 thoughts on “The Obligatory Meteor Awards Post

  1. Fair play Rick I think ya done a good job man. Just watched the show there. Ya came across really well. I agree with you on the Peter Aiken moment….pretty moving to see him so upset.

    Cant believe ya were chatting away to Ray D’arcy, Jenny and Foley (in my mind you all have bitter radio-land rivalries – but I may be deluded)

    Good job man – fair play on the hip flask 😉

  2. Thanks for your review. I though Boyzone were fantastic last night, great to have them back again and roll on June 28 @ the RDS!

  3. Alcohol. The cause of and solution to all of life’s problems… As radio people well know.

    Judy or Julie! That was the one. Or the two as the case may be.

    We sound like such sa-leb-rah-dee wankers, almost getting the names of the little people right… 😉

  4. It’s amazing who you meet in the Portaloos. I met Duke Special and Dave Geraghty. Lovely hurling.

    3 in a portaloo coke binge shocker. Just sayin’ Rick, that’s what it sounds like.

  5. were great
    the show looked yet..and all the celebs looked great..especially you..and the bright lights are to make you look even better on radio head
    good luck

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