Rabbit In The Headlights


Not that you’d want to but here’s my bit talking about Brainwave and epilepsy in general on Monday’s Seoige show in case you missed it. 


I haven’t watched it back, I HATE seeing myself on TV and sitting next to Síle? I was lucky not to have been hypnotised half way through the interview and just sat there staring 🙂


I hear it went well.

She was absolutely lovely to chat too and after we finished I told her this story, as I’d promised Jim-Jim I would. She responded with “Oh! I knew that was you guys, I thought you didn’t recognise me!! I rang my husband after and said ‘I’ve just seen Rick, Colm & Jim-Jim in the lobby of a hotel!'”

Like we wouldn’t have known who she was…



7 thoughts on “Rabbit In The Headlights

  1. Fair dues Rick, you didn’t once look at her chest while the camera was on you….I couldn’t have done it !

    Must ring the Irish Epilepsy Association and see what number I am on the meeting the Seoiges list….I’m not fussy, either will do !

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