Purple Sane…


Here’s the thing.

I’m sitting at my desk in the office this morning relieved that yesterday wasn’t the Apocalypse. I thought it might be. Seriously.

I arrived in yesterday morning wearing a new shirt I’d bought over the weekend (I try to make an effort in work every day *ahem*). The only slightly unusual thing was that it was purple. I haven’t owned a purple shirt since I was in college. You don’t see a huge amount of purple clothes around, at least not when you’re not a part of Prince’s entourage.

So how interested was I when one of the guys in the office was also wearing a purple shirt?

Jaysus, there’s a co-incidence…

Hang on.

Count. 1….. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6…… 7! SEVEN people around the 2FM office were wearing purple shirts, tops or dresses…

Holy flip.

Then I started to get worried. I thought about it for a while and then, at our daily meeting/coffee drinking fest/excuse to eat scones, muffins, chocolate or whatever else is at hand I expounded my theories:

(A) The Rapture is at hand, those of us wearing purple are the chosen ones and shall be ascending to heaven on beams of light by the end of the day.

(B) The Rapture is at hand and I have it all wrong. Those of us wearing purple are fecked and will have red hot pitchforks up our arse by the end of the day (far more likely given the heathens who were dressed that way).

(C) We’re all part of some new giant viral marketing campaign for Cadbury’s.

Admittedly option (C) probably wasn’t the one as none of us knew we were part of said campaign. Mass hypnosis maybe? Anyhew…

That only left (A) and (B). I put it out to you lot and there did seem to be a disproportionate amount of purple being used around the country alright…

So I went out to dinner last night and, I jest thee not, there were TWO women (sitting at separate tables) BOTH WITH PURPLE HAIR!!!!!

I’m glad I woke up this morning…

8 thoughts on “Purple Sane…

  1. purple is the ‘in’ color over here in Canuck-ville. Its in all the stores. and i do mean all. however…. i dont actually see it on anyone’s bodies! (except mine)

  2. Prince would like his shirt back please! I’m not sure anyone else should be wearing purple it just doesn’t feel right and after your lucky escape on Thursday you don’t really want to be taking any more chances!

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