Down South

I can’t not blog about speaking at a Journalism conference about new media.

I was just here.


In here.


The editor of the Irish Independent was on before me. No pressure following him, so.

I waffled for 15 minutes with some badly handwritten notes.

I was the only speaker not wearing a suit.

People laughed.

With me not at me. I think.

Yesterday Mulley picked me up from the train with a smile, a hug and one of these.



But you knew that already, right?

Am really pissed off I’m not going to get to see his speech. Even he’s wearing a jacket 😉

He told me about it. I’ve likened it to the bit in Father Ted where he’s accepting the Golden Cleric and has his lists of “people who’ve fecked me off over the years”, “chancers” and such.

The Blog Awards? Almost full. No joking. You will be turned away.

The production of it? Almost as lush as the feckin Oscars. And with a much better scriptwriter 🙂

EDIT – Oh, and there was a girl in the audience who was the spit of Scarlett Johansson. This was only mildly distracting.


12 thoughts on “Down South

  1. Hey,
    was at the journo conference in Ucc this morning…. you were class! By far the only interesting speaker! well done! really interesting and was actually inspiring… really considering working with new media now!

  2. Your shirt was by far the highlight of the morning for me, so I wouldn’t be too down on the lack of suit. You spoke very well, you were one of the few speakers I didn’t peg as a complete idiot 3 minutes into their speech.

  3. Thanks Z, I LOVE that shirt.

    BockI haven’t a clue. They just promised me a swish hotel room, mid-range breakfast and all the dancing girls I could eat.

  4. By far the only interesting speaker! well done!

    Damn you, Claire. Damn you.

    Where were Rick’s videos of a slightly fat woman wearing nothing but a bra, eh? Where was his personal greeting to the pigeon? I missed a whiskey at the bar with Rick just to get that speech written, and this is the thanks I get, eh? Pah.

    Well, I’m never coming back.

    Unless I’m invited.

  5. Alas Rick, I missed your speech as I was one of the tossers who walked in 2 hours late – I drove up from Limerick that morning – and wasn’t arsed getting up on time.

    Of course, everybody who actually heard your speech rubbed in the fact that I missed it – apparently it was quite excellent, and you’re an even handsomer bastard in person, but I guess I’ll never know… I promise to be more arsed in future, for what it’s worth!

  6. (Damn new Macbook keyboard hasn’t been broken in yet – I left out a dot in my URL above and my OCD won’t allow me to leave a dead link without restoring equilibrium… So…… Um… How about that Mahon Tribunal, eh?)

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