34 thoughts on “Hiding Head In Shame

  1. My first was a slightly more street credible ‘If This Is Rock And Roll I Want My Old Job Back’ by the Saw Doctors. Followed soon after by The Simpsons Sing The Blues. And the rest is history…

  2. My first Album was ‘The Cassette Of The Album’ by Roland Rat (well he was a superstar) which I had on Vinyl just to be confussing

  3. Weeeeird.. my first ever album was the Saw Doctors album also like Cupid Stunt, but technically it was a gift so it probably doesn’t count. The first album I ever handed money over for was the slightly more shameful ‘Take That and Party’. But it’s cool to like Take That now right…

  4. I have no shame in saying mine was “Appetite for Destruction” by Guns n Roses. On cassette. I can still remember my shock at the inlay sleeve! It’s still a great album too!

  5. The first album I remember buying for myself was Prince, Around The World In A Day, on cassette, I think I wore that tape out! (I already had other albums, but I guess they came from Santa)

  6. Ah come on now, Rat Rapping was an absolute classic track

    The first (and third last) single I ever bought was ‘We all stand together’ by Paul McCartney. I just get cooler and cooler

  7. The first one was Culture Club- Colour by Numbers…cringing now but was 13 and at the time and they were different than the Yank bands!

  8. For my 7th birthday, I got ‘This Ole House’ by Shakin’ Stevens. 🙂

    I used to just bum my brother’s records (lots of old ska, Madness, The Beat, The Selector) and my dad always bought us the Now! compilations. And my folks own a ton of vinyl so I’d listen to everything from Rod Stewart and Abba to The Beatles and Ry Cooder. I chose them on the basis of how much I liked the look of the cover!

    So I’d say the first one I bought was a Housemartins record (London 0 Hull 4?)

  9. Ah, the first album I bought and paid for with my own money was the very first Now, That’s What I Call Music compilation. What are we up to now…sixty something? Scary. I still have it too…along with the Thriller single and Wham’s Club Tropicana (the shame!).

  10. I remember loads of the first albums I bought (in order) because I was obsessed with all of them.

    First one was Meatloaf – ‘Bat Out Of Hell’. Bought it on a bootleg cassette in Bahrain when i was eight or nine.

    This was followed by 2 Unlimited’s ‘Get Ready For This’ AND ‘No Limits’.

    Then I bought ‘Bookends’ by Simon and Garfunkel, followed by – for some inexplicable reason, the soundtrack to ‘Chess’.

    Then came Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ and ‘Sheryl Crow’ by Sheryl Crow, obviously.

    My second Nirvana record was ‘From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah’ which I got when I was around 13. The rest, as they say…

    Please bear in mind, I was born in 1983, so hence some dodgy choices, which will only become cool in a decade or so.

  11. I couldn’t for the life me remember what mine was until I read Sinead’s comment. It was a two cassette compilation in the Now! That’s What I Call Music! line that I baught especially for a few songs. The most important of which being Barenaked Ladies: “One Week” (which started my fascination with them) and New Radicals “Get What You Give”.

    I was never one to buy music and was more into saving up for Sega Mega Drive games. My older brother did all the CD buying with Oasis and The Beatles being the soundtrack to my teenage life.

  12. Er, pretty certain “The Simpsons Sing The Blues” was the first (vinyl) album I purchased. Could have been Now That’s What I Call Music 16 too…

    My memory’s not what it used to be…

  13. Niall, “The Simpsons Sing The Blues” was my first (tape) too! No More Games by New Kids On The Block was my first record.

    Although I used to love my Mum’s Carole King records and listen to them over and over years before that.

    I think Carole King made me gay.

  14. Pedro trust you to notice such a thing 🙂 Just noticed you’re not in the Pop Culture list!! What’s the story with that! Outrage I say!

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