The Missing Links – Issue 2


The idea of The Missing Links is to stick together in one place at the weekend all of the things that you might have missed me rabbit on about during the week.


1 – This will feel like you should be a better person. Giving care packs to homeless people…

2 – First comment on this American’s picture of the Cliffs Of Moher? MWAH!

3 – Trailer time: Woody Allen has 2 upcoming movies – he’s acting in John Tuturro’s Fading Gigolo and directing his own Magic In The Moonlight.

4 – Two brand new book reviews this week – one nominated for the IMPAC, one a fluffy, fun love story.

5 – Read this – how to work more effectively by doing less (h/t to Mulley)

6 – The Pint Of Science Festival night I was honoured to MC this week was *huge* fun – take a look.

7 – TV pilots that didn’t make the cut this year including stuff with Ben Affleck, David Schwimmer, Tina Fey, Jamie Lee Curtis…

8 – This is why you need to go to Pitt Bros in Dublin. Pulled Pork Burger…

9 – A life philosophy I can live by, as found on Reddit.

10 – Last one of the week – a review from April of a brilliant thriller that’s only just out now – Sarah Lotz’s The Three.

The Missing Links – Issue 1

So here it is – things you may have missed me tweet / talk about over the week that might entertain you at the weekend.

If I get enough interest this might happen every week…


1 – I was quizmaster at our semi-annual Epilepsy Ireland table quiz this week. I brought home 2 picture rounds for you to play 🙂

2 – Two new U.S. telly trailers for upcoming series that could be great or terrible… Karen Gillan’s Selfie and the interesting looking Last Man On Earth. Am less convinced by David Tennant’s accent in the Broadchurch remake Gracepoint.

3 – Which Studio Ghibli character are you? I’m Tortoro it seems…

4 – I got a go of an Oculus Rift headset during the week. Look at my sixpack!!

5 – Whenever anyone tells you of a correlation between two seemingly unrelated things, think of the Spurious Correlation Generator.

6 – This video is brilliant. It will make you feel very, very uncomfortable about yourself.

7 – The greatest wedding invitation ever. The most RT’d thing on my Twitter account in forever…

8 – John Oliver’s new show on HBO Last Week Tonight is proving to be far more than just the Daily Show clone some thought it might be. This video where he destroys climate change deniers in 4 minutes is funny and wonderful…

9 – Why, when TV stops being shown on, you know, TV sets, the real golden age will begin. Really interesting.

10 – And finally, it’s National Volunteering Week. Here’s why you should consider volunteering some of your time to a charity of your choice (SPOILER – It’s an entirely selfish reason!)


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