To All The Beers I’ve Loved Before…

A while back I wrote a very, very brief post about some craft beers I’d tried and liked. I’d be no good at actually telling you what they were like, I just took pictures of the labels and stuck them out there…

It’s been a while so here’s is more of the same. Mostly Irish, all worth your time:

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The last one is draft, as you can see. Tried it on a trip to DNS, swung by Mulligan’s in Stoneybatter. Lovely spot, many, many craft beers on tap and not a tap with Guinness, Heineken or Carlsberg in sight.

Brave. Liked it.

Same deal as last time –  anything else you think is worth a go? Drop me a comment, tweet @rickoshea or mail


Mmmmmmm… Beer……

Simple as.

I’ve been trying out a few (mostly!) Irish craft beers over the last few weeks and I thought I’d recommend some of them in case that’s your sort of thing.

A picture does tell a thousand blah blah blah and I have no intention of doing the “it has a lovely woody bouquet with just a hint of blueberry and sandalwood” thing 🙂

These were all very lovely, each in their own way…

WP_20140417_19_22_01_Pro WP_20140427_18_57_59_Pro WP_20140420_18_37_23_Pro WP_20140420_21_14_13_Pro WP_20140424_18_29_00_Pro WP_20140426_18_17_17_Pro WP_20140424_21_07_58_Pro WP_20140424_20_00_09_Pro WP_20140424_19_04_42_Pro WP_20140426_19_05_45_Pro


Anything else you think is worth a go? Drop me a comment, tweet @rickoshea or mail