Mmmmmmmmm…. Steak……

Someone suggested the other day that I should stick other things I like here. Fair enough As long as you get that I’m not a reviewer of anything. What I might do is stick up quick references every now and then to things I see, places I go, stuff I think you should eat, do, whatever…


First out of the traps is Bull And Castle up facing Christchurch. Stumbled on it yesterday while heading into town for a quick bite. To be honest it used to be a very touristy, slightly manky looking old pub and I’d never been in. FXBs have turned it into a very, very nice steak and craft beer joint.

I had the 2 course earlybird including this delicious rump for €19 and a pint of the gorgeous craft beer of the week above…


Not that I’m up that way very often but I’d definitely recommend and go back.

One suggestion? They were very heavily booked yesterday so you might need to call in advance.


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