Hugh Howey’s “Shift”



It’s the prequel to Wool (I reviewed that earlier in the year).

Suffice to say that if you liked the first, this will be right up your street. He expands the story backwards in time to the beginning of the events that leaves humans living in vast underground silos in a post-apocalyptic future and then moves forward dovetailling strands with the original book and then leaving you genuinely gagging for more.

I know people use the phrase “page turner” willy nilly but when I was on the home leg of this I was sitting propped up in bed, bleary eyed at 2am not wanting to put it down.

As with Hugh’s previous stuff his huge strength is his ability to write vivid, alive 3D characters to populate the world he created last time around cinematically.

Dust, the third book in the series (the Star Wars 7, 8 and 9, if you will!) is out later in the year.

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