The “To Be Read” Shelf

I’ve had a few conversations with people over the last few months about “to be read” shelves and piles. Some people are religious about not buying any more than they read, some (I *may* be in that class) have a pile of things waiting to go.

My only excuse for what you’re about to see (not that I need an excuse, of course) is that I buy a lot of second-hand books because I get captivated by their prettiness or unusualness at the time and I may never see them in that form or edition again. And sure everyone needs a little collection of some kind, right?

What you see below are mostly things I’ve yet to read along with one or two bits and pieces that I’m planning on re-reading or finishing at some stage…


WP_20130404_001 WP_20130404_002


3 thoughts on “The “To Be Read” Shelf

  1. I like your theroy about second hand books! I don’t normally have a ‘to read’ pile, I usually read a book the minute I buy it (or a day or two afterwards). But I’ve started a modest ‘to read’ pile which includes ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ and ‘The Silverlinings Playbook’. I do have a ‘to read’ list though which contains about 30+ books: 😀

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