This Is Me

This showed up in the (always well worth your read) Sunday Business Post yesterday. I’ve done a fair few of them over the years but, strangely, this one struck me as being the one that most closely gives you an idea of who I am in real life, off the radio, offline.



My Media:

– Traditional media vs new media? 

Both, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. New is great for instant info, traditional for more depth or analysis.


– Do you use a laptop, smartphone or tablet? 

I have an old Sony Vaio laptop at home but it’s almost never on, own a Nokia Lumia 800 phone, I’ve never felt the need for a tablet…


– Are you on Twitter? If so, how do you find it? If not, why not? 

Since March 11 2008, my account tells me! It’s a brilliant work tool but I’m only ever on it when I’m in work Monday to Friday, never at home at night or at the weekend.


– I never miss…  

University Challenge. Mastermind and Only Connect.


– How do you like your news in the morning? 

I almost always have Morning Ireland on when I’m pottering around at home making breakfast.


– Port of call for big breaking stories? 

The web in all of its many facets, Sky News or the like of I need live pictures…


– Weekly reading?

New Scientist magazine. Used to read Sunday newspapers, gave up and now I spend the day in a little news free bubble…


– Guilty pleasure?  

Gaybo on a Sunday on RTE Lyric FM. He plays a lot of jazz…


– What do you appreciate in media, would like to see more of? 

Honestly? I try to see less of it. Information overload is something I had to put a stop to in my life a while back. I’m online in work, watch the TV I really want to watch, read a lot more books.


– What don’t you like/ticks you off?

The use of the word “celebrate” in EVERY BLOODY SCRIPT!!! We are not “celebrating” the launch of a new bread. No-one is. Also TV and radio news programmes using “Twitter” as if it’s a person or an expert. “Twitter says…”

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