Old Stuff – The VW CC Review

I’m not a car journo, I’m really not, I’m at best an amateur petrolhead who likes them more for the design and interior rather than engines or the like but I got talking to the lovely people at Volkswagen Ireland when we were out in the Roadcaster with them one day a while back.

I was telling them about my current mode of transport (a 12 year old Nissan perpetually at death’s door) but chatting about how much I like cars in general and they said “sure we must give you a test drive in one of our new ones”.

Who was I to say no, even if only to give my beloved rustbucket a rest for the day…?

Never write about it here but was reminded of it yesterday when I saw one on the road. It was the CC, a huge monster of a family saloon, sleek and pretty and silver.

I’ve never even driven a car that has that thing where you can bluetooth your phone to make calls. It does that. Cruise control? It does that. Fits three kids on the back seat so they can’t kick each other? Does that. Very easy on the diesel? Does that. It was the nicest thing I think I have ever driven.

Remember, I’m an extremely amateur reviewer at best, but if I won the Lotto in the morning? Yuh huh.

Also, anyone wants to employ me to do be a motoring journo on the side? You know where I am 😉


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