I was just scanning back through my pictures from last year and I’m genuinely getting excited about this weekend…







I didn’t do one of these last year but this year I  have a couple of small issues that maybe you can help me with.

I’m down on the Friday but on air in the Roadcaster til 5 so that rules anything before then out. Saturday I’m down all day but Sunday I’ve chosen Springsteen. I’ve had a scan through the listings and just jotted down everyone I think I might be interested in seeing. Yes, it’s an aspirational list, there’s no way I’ll get around to everything and there are many clashes, but still.

So, Friday its:

Main Stage – Lily Allen, Blur

Green Spheres – Fight Like Apes, 2 Many DJs

Music Academy – M83, David Holmes

And then on Saturday:

Main Stage – Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Elbow, Bloc Party

02 Stage – Doves, Nick Cave

Green Spheres – TV On The Radio, Pet Shop Boys

Music Academy – Messiah J, Crystal Castles

Dance Arena – Annie Mac

New Bands – Passion Pit, Little Boots

B-Live – Soundcheck (the lovely Unarocks)

Right then, what am I missing and why? Particularly early on Saturday, there’s not a mad amount taking my fancy…

11 thoughts on “#oxegen09

  1. That would involve you reading “Yes, it’s an aspirational list, there’s no way I’ll get around to everything and there are many clashes, but still” correctly…


  2. I’m totally playing it by ear. My three definites are Blur, the Saw Doctors and Kings of Leon so besides them I’m just going to float whereever everyone else wants to go to. So excited!!!

  3. Some Saturday recommendations:
    2.45pm – Bitches With Wolves in the Dance Arena. Genius dirty pop.
    4pm – Howling Bells at New Bands Stage. Great Aussie indie band with a rocking chick singer/guitarist.

    Yo! Dublin Streets and SoundCheck swapped sets, so we’re playing at 4pm on Friday. x

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