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  1. Hey Rick,

    I think the instrumental intro, which does give a lot of the emotional undercurrent to the song, is very similar on both songs. I think the lyrics and vocals are pretty different.

    You may know this already but apparently the first song to be made out of the two was Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Already Gone’; later on Beyonce heard the song, liked it and got Clarkson’s producer (Ryan Tedder from One Republic) to make her a similar song, Tedder (for whatever reason) didn’t really stray too far from the original concept and ended up with ‘Halo’.

    The problem is that since Beyonce launched her single before Kelly Clarkson, there’s the risk that people are going to misinterpret who actually came up with the song in the first place.

    In fact, after ‘Halo’ came out, Kelly in a sign of respect towards Beyonce, requested her record company not to release ‘Already Gone’ as a single. I think it was way to bow out of any potential conflict that could damage either artist’s reputation. Rightly or wrongly the label has other plans. I dare say that once ‘Already Gone’ is released on radio, you’re going to be hearing a lot more about this issue.

    I’m not a big Kelly Clarkson fan but I do like ‘Already Gone’ it’s a nice song with good sentiment. To be honest I liked ‘Halo’ when it came out as well. I think it’s a shame that either song or artist would be affected because the producer made a pretty poor (if not downright ethically questionable) decision in how he tackled the 2nd song to be produced.

    Since Beyonce is such a superstar I don’t see this affecting her in the least, Ryan Tedder’s credibility as a producer may have to put in to question (it’d be worth to find out his version of the events though). Hopefully Kelly Clarkson will carry on with her album just fine, but sadly a song that under different circumstances may have had the potential of being a huge worldwide hit, it’s probably not going to have that level of impact any more.

    Cynics may say that that’s music business, perhaps so, but you have to give credit to Clarkson for trying to carry herself with integrity while developing, producing and releasing her work.

    I may suggest to people to look up for a couple of more acoustic versions of ‘Already Gone’ that were pointed out to me and can be found in the net (One of her performance at the David Letterman show), it’s a different arrangement that doesn’t require the intro in question and shows that the song has merits of its own. Which is why I like it in the first place really.

    Anyway, thanks for the space, sorry if I went on for too long.

    Best Regards,

  2. Yeah I heard already gone and I touchy it was halo at the intro. WTF Ryan tedder is a douch. Already gone is very good though. I don’t realy like the other songs Kelly has lately

  3. Honestly I prefer Already Gone because lyrically it’s better in my opinion. I just read Tedder’s proper blog saying that the two songs are completely different and I guess once you remove the opening and the repetitive ‘Already Gone, already gone…etc etc’ he’s right.

    I actually checked out the acoustic version mentioned above (thanks Patrick) and it sounds NOTHING like Halo. It’s a fab version, only a pity that the record label didn’t consider releasing the song like this (obviously rerecorded etc). Oh well…

    If it turns out that Tedder conducted himself in a less-than professional way then I will seriously reconsider my plan to get to the James Morrison gig early to catch One Republic’s set. Sort of leaves a bad taste in my mouth really…

  4. Don’t know about this in fairness, but Beyoncé’s not exactly cool when it comes to taking other people’s tracks. She took a track, Smack Into You’, that was demo’d and recorded for American singer/songwriter Jon McLaughlin, changed ‘Smack’ to ‘Smash’ and got a writing credit.


    I do think she’s a phenomenal singer etc, but that’s just poor form.

    So, I don’t know, but when faced with the question of who copied who, I think I’ll side with Kelly Clarkson. Already Gone is such a great track, it’s a pity it didn’t come out BEFORE Halo.

    As for Tedder, well he needs a talking to.

  5. Ah such a pity Beyoncé managed to release Halo first 😦 Really liking Beyoncé’s new stuff but it’s been a while since I’ve Kelly have a massive radio hit and Already Gone could’ve been that. Oh well…

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