I’d Like You To Come To A Party…


Lads, it’s favour time again and this one is two pronged.

I mentioned a while ago that Brainwave, the charity I’m patron of, are having a huge event this year during Horse Show week to replace the old Horse Show Ball, it being recessionary times and all. The replacement will involve us taking over Krystle Nightclub on Harcourt Street (we have the whole club booked for the night) and filling it with over 1000 of you guys all dressed up in your finery. We’ll have DJs and a brilliant live band who we can’t name just yet and all proceeds on the night go to help Brainwave keep up their incredible work over the next twelve months.

Tickets are now available on Tickets.ie:


That’s the first thing. I’d like you to come. There will be a huge amount of Horse Show people all coming along and the usual bright young things of the Krystle set, but I’d love their to be a huge online presence for the night, at least I’ll have someone to drink with 😉

The second favour is an ask for a post on your own blog linking either here or directly to the Tickets.ie page and a tweet or Facebook mention or whatever you can with same. We really do have zero budget to advertise this and the more people come, the better a party we have, the more the charity benefits…

We’ll be confirming our band for the night ASAP, stay tuned, and thanks 🙂


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