You Should…

I have no idea where to turn my eyes or indeed anything else when I read The Demure Lemur these days. She writes frankly and vividly on every aspect of having a sex life, just don’t go reading her with the boss looking over your shoulder…


3 thoughts on “You Should…

  1. I am most sorry for inducing such confusion regarding eye and anything else orientation, but am very glad you’re reading nonetheless. Don’t worry about the boss. He spends the weekends clad in PVC being spanked with a custom made paddle by a woman he knows only as Matron. Introducing him to my blog might well get you promoted.

  2. DL, you have ruined the last remaining threads of a vestige of my sex drive…

    Sinead, secret identities are all the rage these days. You should get yourself one… 🙂

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