You And Transformers 2…

I have something that might excite you but we have a relatively short period of time to do this, and thus you need to pay attention…


I have 2 spare blogger review tickets for the Irish premiere of Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen this coming Tuesday night in Dublin. If you’d like them there are only 3 conditions:

(1) You have to be available to come to the movie with a group of us this coming Tuesday night…

(2) You have to write a review on your blog afterwards. Love it, hate it, meh, is your own business, but write a review you must.

(3) I can’t have met you before.

3 is there to introduce a random element to this. Twice last year I asked random bloggers I never met to apply for gig tx here for nights out I was organising and twice I met the most interesting people possible. It’s fun.

So. Leave a comment asking to come, I’ll draw two names and I’ll announce the winner on Tuesday morning before midday. Just make sure your comment has your e-mail in the appropriate box so I can contact you and arrange where to meet up and all that jazz…

Now, go!!

24 thoughts on “You And Transformers 2…

  1. Check to all three! I’d bite your hand off for the chance to get an early review of TF in! I’ll go in my alt. mode – a toaster. 😉

  2. Rick, CK here from, where we are big movie fans and post regular movie reviews. Would love to make it to the preview. Fingers crossed! Cheers

  3. 1. We will make ourselves available come hell or high water. A decepticon won’t prevent my son or me.

    2.That will be interesting. How to link polystyrene to a film review. *Thinks* Giant Transformer sign or Autobot logo.

    3.And you did want to meet me…….. don’t know why but

    We will be in optimus prime form if we win, the tension is ratcheting up so I’m going to Bumblebee off.

    Apologies for the puns.

  4. ME Me Me Me Me Me Me Meeeeeeee…..pweez??

    I have a very short-term memory so I don’t think I’ve ever met you!!

    Plus I do a great Optimus Prime impression, look..
    …Autobots, Roll Out!
    (works better in person)

  5. And how much will this free weekend COST?

    If there’s booze and I don’t have to be clean-shaven I’ll try dig up my old Transformers toys and VHS’s just for it. Even the Scooter Go-Bot toy I mangled out of rage when some fool didn’t understand the difference.

    … but there will have to be booze. Cant stress that enough.

  6. I need to go to determine once and for all if Megan Fox is actually a CGI effect and not a real person at all. It’s for science! (And my blog needs the hits!)

  7. Please pick me I dunno if I’ve met you I’ll ask Maxi but I love Transformers its so cool! I never win anything it makes me so sad 😦 Plus if you pick me I’ll bring Maxi Cane and he’s a hoot to hang around with your guaranteed a brilliant time! You know you want too!!!

  8. Hey Rick, a friend directed me towards your compedition. I’ll admit I’m a huge transformers fan boy, think she knew that as well, hence directing me here. I’d lvoe to go see it on tuesday.

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