First, They Came For The Journalists…

The NUJ have started an online petition about the Suzanne Breen case in Northern Ireland…

The Police Service of Northern Ireland is seeking a court order forcing Suzanne Breen, Northern Ireland Editor of the Sunday Tribune, to hand over her mobile phone, records, notes and other material arising from her working as a journalist reporting claims by the Real IRA.

Anti-Terrorism legislation is being used to allow the PSNI to justify the application in secret. Suzanne Breen, her newspaper, her union and the public may never know the basis for the order.

We back the NUJ campaign in support of Suzanne Breen and the Sunday Tribune and call on the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland to ensure that the PSNI respects press freedom and the fundamental journalistic right to protect sources.

This online petition will be combined with hard copies currently circulating newsrooms to be handed in to the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland.

You can sign it here:

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