Normally, I H8 These Things…


I’ve been tagged by the lovely Sexy Pedestrian and the equally lovely Steph.

There are worse things that could happen.



Eight things I like:




The Lighthouse Cinema.

Eggs Benedict.


When someone addresses me by my first name.

Kids, my own especially.


Eight things I did yesterday:

Woke up feeling hungover when I hadn’t been drinking.

Turned down some work.

Cracked open a new moleskine.

Discovered the glory of podcasts for the first time.

Had flowers delivered.

Hid away from the world for a while.

Welcomed an old friend to Culch.

Looked at everyone else’s photos from my birthday weekend. Only winced at a few.


Eight things I wish I could do:


Win the national lottery.

Play a musical instrument.

Write a novel.

Present a chat show.

Take up running.


Clone myself. 


Eight things I don’t like:



Dance music.

Lack of manners or politeness.

Red Bull.

Destructive people.

Rooms where TV is on all of the time even though no-one is watching it.

Those who judge you before they meet you.


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11 thoughts on “Normally, I H8 These Things…

  1. Time someone purchase so is it? 🙂

    Agreed on the telly on one – does my head in. Or when you walk into someone’s place & they try to talk over the tv instead of switching the bastard off. Irk.

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