The Pecker


A real Irish album. From 1976.


6 thoughts on “The Pecker

  1. That man is a legend… How could ya not wanna have a pint with him?!! Saying that… I’d say he’d take the fuckin head of you in a second. Goooo on The Pecker!!

  2. Heard him in Wexford, growing up. Never realised he was a legend, just a very good performer. There is a photograph of him, given pride of place, behind the counter in one of my favourite bars.

  3. Is it just me or does he look somewhat like a 70’s version of Bryan Cowen, but with a guitar?! Hopefully he played that better than he did the country. lol

  4. I just saw it as the most striking album cover I’ve seen in years…

    My dad collects quite a lot of old folk albums, this was at the top of his most recent pile 🙂

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