Think Links 2,876×3

This? Genius. Can’t seem to get the finished picture to display here as it’s a php file…

Mine said “Rick O’Shea smells like this bin”

Someone’s beating the living shite out of each other on the web and for once it’s not the bloggers!!

*love* the latest Garfield Minus Garfield


Want to film the new Fight Like Apes video? Excellent.

Boxes of meat? Holy sweet Jesus…

I thought my sleeping pattern was like this because of my age. Not so for B’dum who’s only half that…

Also, I thought I was the only person who sometimes felt this when they woke up…

Grandad? The only budget commentator we need…

Well, maybe Bock too:

I *love* this post and want more…

Peter? Gots eggs.

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