La Fame, D’une Sorte…

Remember this?

@sineadkeogh tried it from France…

Same result 🙂



6 thoughts on “La Fame, D’une Sorte…

  1. Hehee, I got one delivered to my family home.. Vicki Mac, Up the Mountain, Sligo

    I bet the post men have a bit of craic trying to figure out where to send it.. We used to send them to our relatives as xmas with funny addresses to see if they’d deliver. Things like, on a boat on the lake.. always got delivered

  2. As a former postie I have to say that when getting these it was always a bit of fun trying to figure out who they were for, but it doesn’t happen often enough so I hereby propose that everybody reading send a letter or card to their friend with an imaginatively thought out address.

    You would also be surprised at the amount of junk mail addressed to ‘Father Ted Crilly, Craggy Island’ that came through our place…

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