Who Put The Ball In The Italy Net….?

First thing that happened when I came in today? Amanda accosted me insisting Noel Hunt scored last night and not Robbie Keane…



4 thoughts on “Who Put The Ball In The Italy Net….?

  1. i definetely wondered the same. it did look like hunt got there first, look at his celebration after, he claims it only to look around and see keane claiming it.

  2. Hunt tried to wrestle Keane to the ground affectionately during their celebration. And he seemed happy enough to let Keane take the credit, which would be unlikely if he’d just scored his first international goal in a vital world cup qualifier..

    Having said all that, it had certainly looked to me like Hunt had got the touch. It’s entirely possible they both kicked it. The replays aren’t very clear, but I’d imagine any photos taken from behind the goal would clear the matter up. Not that i’ve seen any, mind…

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