The Hour Of Deadly – 09/03/09

Bloc Party – One Month Off

The 202s – Shoot You Down

Royksopp – Happy Up Here (Datassette Remix)

Jack L – Baltimore

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero

Sufjan Stevens – Chicago

Linkin Park – Faint

Peter, Bjorn & John – Lay It Down

Cowboy X – Japanese Girl (Acoustic studio session)

Cowboy X interview

Cowboy X – Shot Down (Acoustic studio session)

The King Blues – Save The World, Get The Girl

Fleet Foxes – Mykonos

Dark Room Notes – Let’s Light Fires

Camille O’Sullivan – Sna Bróga Seo?

The Hour Of Deadly is on RTE 2XM.

Listen live here Mondays at 20.00 with repeats Wednesday at 17.00 and Saturday at 14.00


8 thoughts on “The Hour Of Deadly – 09/03/09

  1. Ahoy hoy Rickstopher was just wondering if 2XM does podcasts? Wracked my brain looking for them on the site the last day. Although I spose it’d be a no go with the song rights thing? Tell me i’m wrong!

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