Mixed Messages

A friend of mine has been threatening to send this to me for some time.


It’s just outside Mountmellick and never fails to raise a smile on her long, long drive…


8 thoughts on “Mixed Messages

  1. I like Joe’s explanation….

    but I think its for those that use the path as a cycle path…
    Please slow to 60km now as the path is about to run out very soon!

    Happy Driving!

  2. Having previously lived near this area I can tell you that these signs are a source of great amusement for the locals. Well, there’s fuck all else going on in Mountmellick…

  3. Hello Rick, good going last night at the Watchmen premiere, made me laugh anyway!

    I’m a friend of Mulley’s. A friend of mine directed a music video for some new artist called JJ. Songs called “Playing the Game”

    if you think it’s any good could you pimp it up a bit on your blog or something?

    Thanks a lot,

    Damien Callan.

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