Apparently There’s A Watchmen “Movie” Coming Out…


Got this from the always lovely Sinéad.

And it is by far the best Watchmen article I’ve read:

Last time I mention it, promise…

3 thoughts on “Apparently There’s A Watchmen “Movie” Coming Out…

  1. I really want this to be good and ,yes, it loks perfect, but that’s only half the battle of bringing watchmen into movieland. I fear there will be an awful lot of 300/Fallout 3-style slow motion that just won’t suit it. There aren’t a lot of action set-pieces in the book, so hopefully that won’t matter too much. But if someone can fail with League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen…

  2. I quite liked the movie – it’s very faithful to the graphic novel, which I think will endear it to the fanboys, and doom it in the eyes of the public. Time will be kinder to it than the immediate reviews

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