Talking To The PR-ologists

Off to this…

Manana 😉


2 thoughts on “Talking To The PR-ologists

  1. sometimes i’m at a loss as to how much importance the Irish seem to put on blogging and bloggers… there is no mesauring stick over here (or further down south from me) to compare it to.

  2. inter-esting! i’ve worked in full service advertising, so i’ve done a bit of pr, done a few launches etc and i’ve also seen how some blogs promote things they come across..
    i get the impression that in order to get a blogger to write on something, the pr must really *get* the blogger and if they can’t personalise the releases etc as you suggested, then they should be v savvy as to which client list the blogger goes on to
    bloggers don’t blog about stuff they’re not into!! it’s that simple.. and i mean that it’s a love/hate thing, bloggers don’t tend to stand on the fence.. increasing the invite list to include a few bloggers isn’t going to break the launch party bank!

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