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I’ve never started a Meme before but every now and then the inspiration hits you.

See the 2009 Blog Awards is almost upon us, sure it’s 5 weeks away tomorrow, and the single biggest thing many people take away from it every year (including myself) is meeting new people, quite often people you’ve read for a while but never contacted or seen in the flesh.

And there’s the rub. We’re people. Quite a lot of us shy, retiring types. Many of whom come along, lurk a bit (particularly if you’re not in a group) and then go home to blog afterwards that you saw whoever but never went up to them.

Well fear no more.

This Meme is simple.

Name 5 bloggers you haven’t met in the flesh before that you’d like to say hi to at the Blog Awards, say why if you want, link to them. They then, in turn, link to 5 bloggers they’d like to meet and so on.

That’s it. It’s just an icebreaker for the night. Yes, I know they might not be coming but it might act as an incentive.

I’d like to meet:






and, of course


And, yes, do please feel free to start one of these on your own, links back grately appreciated 🙂


18 thoughts on “Would Like To Meet

  1. i’d like to one day meet:

    rick oshea
    peter doneganland
    darragh doyle
    damien mulley (he seems to be legendary and i dont even know where to find him or what he blogs about)
    sinhead cochrane (same name as my hero tom cochrane)

    i cant be arsed to try and add links, sorry.

  2. Sorry, Donna doesn’t know where to find Mulley?!
    I was gonna put the link here but you might be better off not knowing.
    or you could just cast your eyes right a little bit and up slightly.

  3. @Markham Dude…. Sorry… 🙂 Can we call it a Coldplay/Joe Satriani thing? Can’t click on that or any of the posts on yours though. They’re coming up as “Error occurred: 404 – not found” ?

    @Manuel Liar!!!! Was I drunk? I was drunk, right? Yes I was.

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