There’s Apparently Something Called “Being Offline”

I’m offline til a week on Monday (think it might actually be the longest time I’ve ever been offline in years now) but I’m not sad enough to want to tweet, update my status or check my mail from the top of Rockerfeller Centre.

And you know I say that with the greatest of love for my friends who have done likewise in the past… 😉

The important piece of business before I head:

Nominations are now open for the Irish Blog Awards 2009:

I say this not that you scurry away immediately and vote for this blog, in fact don’t. No, seriously, don’t. Every blog that gets nominated even once will be judged so mass voting makes no difference whatsoever and I’m sure one person somewhere will give me the nod. Probably?

Here’s what I would like you to do.

Go and vote in every category for blogs you like and love no matter how big or small and do it now. As a past longlister you have no idea how brilliant it is to see your name turn up when they come out even if you don’t make it past the first round.

It means someone, somewhere is reading you, and that’s a prize in itself.

And a thought before I finish – if it’s not like this when I step off the plane tomorrow, I’m going to be very, very disillusioned…

Back online on the 12th.

6 thoughts on “There’s Apparently Something Called “Being Offline”

  1. Hope you’re having fun…I bet they switched on the colour when they heard you were coming though 🙂
    I love New Yawk, hope you do too by the time you get back!

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