Free Blogger Night Out! No, Seriously.


Back on the horse.

You know how The Chancer and I love each other like brothers in one of the Godfather movies, right?


Well, little Fredo, in association with myself and the glamorous Unarocks, has organised a free blogger screening of Paul Rudd’s brand newbie Role Models on Thursday December 18th at 6.30pm in Cineworld.

Be warned, it’s very rude. And funny.

After, we’re all heading to the Christmas Soundcheck at Spy

Want in?

Comment below and ask for 2. Just make sure your e-mail address in the appropriate box is the one you want us to mail you back on…




First come, first served.

And then feel free to spread the word.


And today, Tuesday at 4pm we’re booked out…. Sorry!!!


14 thoughts on “Free Blogger Night Out! No, Seriously.

  1. Ah Sugar,
    I take a few days off reading the blog cos of your week off last week and I miss out on a freebie.

    Oh well, enjoy the night all….any film with Sean Michael Scott and McLovin in it has to be good !

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