Hour Of Deadly Playlist – 01/12/08

Mr Scruff feat Alice Russell – Music Takes Me Up

Santogold – Say Aha

Fight Like Apes – Do You Karate?

The Flaming Lips – Fight Test

Brian Canavan – (Carol Vorderman) Counting Me Down

Lykke Li – Little Bit

Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal

goldielookinchain – Your Missus Is A Nutter

M.I.A. – Paper Planes

Crystal Castles Vs Health – Crimewave

Ham Sandwich – Broken Glass

Those Dancing Days – Home Sweet Home

No Doubt – Just A Girl

Tilly And The Wall – Beat Control

Noah And The Whale – Shape Of My Heart

White Denim – Shake Shake Shake

Kings Of Leon – Joe’s Head

Brian McGovern – Let’s Begin

Carly Sings – Apple Tree


The Hour Of Deadly is on RTE 2XM.

Listen live here Mondays at 20.00 with repeats Wednesday at 17.00 and Saturday at 14.00

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