Snoop Bloggy Blog \m/


Our winners of the Snoop tickets from the large top hat used for such occassions are:





Green Ink

Katie & Ailbhe


Green Of Eye


We’ll meet up for drinkies beforehand, details to follow in a mail 😉

If you can’t come let me know?


21 thoughts on “Snoop Bloggy Blog \m/

  1. Sweet!

    Im off to Barcelona the next day so should be a good kick off!

    He sings that song 99 Problems right? Im so hip!

    Is it fancy dress?

    Do we have to behave?

    Are you supplying the women?

    Too many questions i need to ask and not enough time .

  2. @Greenofeye Not necessary but don’t let me stop you… 🙂

    @Ben WHy do you think I invited Lottie and Slyscribe? 🙂

    @Andrew What you do after is your own business, of course…

    @slyscribe Well, you did promise…

    @Green Ink Whoo hoo!

  3. Oh my. We’re awful excited. Only Rick is the only person we know. Will everyone else be friendly? x ailbhe and katie

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