Snoop Blogg…


I know it’s been a while since the Jay Z night but I’ve been waiting for a decent big gig I can score multiple tickets to to once again have “The Great Blogger Gig Night Out Vol II” and thus, by sheer co-incidence we’re off for another fine night in the company of one of the world’s biggest hip hop stars…

I have ten tickets to Snoop Dogg at the RDS on Wednesday September 24th and I’m looking for ten bloggers to come with me.

As with last time, if you want to go leave a comment below.

I’ll leave it open til the weekend, have a draw and announce the winners next week.


21 thoughts on “Snoop Blogg…

  1. far too excited to work through the comments so IF theres still room, myself (katie) and ailbhe would like to go to snoop-doggy-blogg with you!

  2. i’d love to go but to be honest everything snoop has done in the last 10 years sucks ass. on top of that the venue will be full of scumbags who only like snoop cause he smokes weed, story bud any smoke!!!

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