Once More Unto The Breach…

It’s only when you start getting phone calls from The Sun looking for an interview at 8 O’Clock on a Friday night and texts from people you haven’t heard from in years wishing you luck that you start to realise what a big deal other people seem to think this is…

As far as we’re concerned we just do our show a bit earlier in the day and get to scarper into the sun (we hope!!)…

So, in case you’re wondering where we all are, we’ll be on 9 to midday every weekday for the next 4 weeks.

You have to come.

Or it’s going to be a very quiet three hours every day for us…

I don’t usually reveal what we’re doing before we go on but I’ll have a bit or two here every day. Tomorrow? Keith Barry in studio and your chance all this week to go to the premiere of the new X-Files movie in London.

Later in the week the legendary Pope Of Trash, Prince Of Puke and creator of Hairspray and Cry baby – John Waters is on the show…


16 thoughts on “Once More Unto The Breach…

  1. Rick, hope you enjoy the early slot, but not too much as you’re what keeps my sanity in check between 2.30 and 5(It’s 2.30 cos I’m over with Foley til then). Will defo be chooning in cos I need a break from darcy. Stay happy and arsespace would be dead handy at 10.30am! Give us a blat of 30 seconds to mars!!!! Aoife in Waterford….

  2. Go Rick! Thought the show was deadly. Also, major props for playing Walk Like an Egyptian. Totally got my day going!

  3. Was a really good show, apart from the fact that I really can’t stand Keith “it’s not magic, it’s just Smart” Barry.
    Perhaps the powers that be will have you covering the liveline slot next :p

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