Taking A Chance On A Book…

Started my new book this morning…

You absolutely have to read the one I’ve just finished, firstly. I’m off to buy another collection of his as soon as I can.

So, the new book is this one, Luke Reinhardt’s The Dice Man:

It hits me straight off with this…

“Life is islands of ecstacy in an ocean of ennui, and after the age of thirty land is seldom seen. At best we wander from one much-worn sandbar to the next, soon familiar with each grain of sand we see…”

What a start…


3 thoughts on “Taking A Chance On A Book…

  1. Be careful, I dont read books that much, but I did read this a few years ago, it can seriously change your life if you want it too.

    Just be careful, you will understand when you get into it a bit, great book though.

  2. It’s a fantastic read, there is a second book also.

    But you will gamble on everything afterwards!!!!!!!!

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