Very, Very, Very Good News!!!

Greatest news EVER!!!!!

Steven Moffatt is taking over at the helm of Doctor Who… He’s the genius writer behind The Girl In The Fireplace, Blink and The Empty Child. This is very, very, VERY good news!


Thanks Paul for the tip!


7 thoughts on “Very, Very, Very Good News!!!

  1. He’s writing the two-parter when it comes back after Eurovision too. 🙂

    And, of course, the Tintin movies.

  2. This has been coming for a while now. Personally I’m very excited his episodes have been great, as was Press Gang. I love what Davis has done (he took a dead format and brought it back as essential prime time viewing) But I think a change every five years or so is important to keep things fresh

    Bdum, personally I like Tate and think it’s great to have a different type of companion with the Doctor. She is however only doing the one season. I hope Piper comes back for a full season or two

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