I’m off to Anfield with my little guy tomorrow. Huge pilgrimage for both of us and only the second time we’ll have been there.

The first I documented extensively HERE, HERE and HERE and it was a bloody nil all draw with Charlton, the one in which the returned Robbie Fowler had what would have been his first goal back disallowed by the ref.

Let’s hope better things for tomorrow. Anyway, that’s not what this is about. I was thinking the other day walking into work about You’ll Never Walk Alone and the song’s place in the club’s history and why it always brings tears to my eyes when I sing it.

You see it’s not a football song. Not at all. It’s from Carousel. The musical! It only accidentally ended up being adopted by the club after it was number one and was being played before games week after week after week.

I love it because if you listen to the lyrics it’s actually a song about hope, and solidarity in the face of adversity. And let’s face it, as Liverpool fans we need that most of the time…

8 thoughts on “Tomorrow…

  1. Hey Rick. Also heading over to the match tomorrow evening. Where ya sitting? Think I might have to Rate some toilets over in Liverpool this weekend.

    Lets hope for a good pasting of roys boys..

    Enjoy and good to see your raising the wee lad in a good tradition and dont let him stray !

  2. Steve – Anny Road end over by Centenary Corner I think… Sure anywhere will do 🙂

    Pedro – Totally with you my friend. Now where did I leave that spare 5k I had lying around…..?

  3. Man, I’ve sang YNWA at Anfield more times than I can count (that’s a lie, I know exactly how many times because I’m a total geek about things like that) and it never fails to move me. Corny but true. Glad ye got a result, it took me four attempts to see the Reds win!

  4. Hi Rick. Yup, same. Was in lower tier of Anny 16 rows from front and just second section from Centenary stand. Mighty seats and result..badly needed.

  5. The relief, Deiseach, was palpable when the first one went in. I’d have seen the two of us as a jinx if it was another 0-0.

    Steve – Jaysus you must have been very close to me – row 22 and about halfway from the corner flag to the goal. Top second half. Am proposing Hyypia for sainthood…

  6. our hockey team (the canucks) always play U2’s Where the Streets have no Name as the guys hit the ice… it always brings tears to my eyes as well

  7. Ah now Rick. Sainthood? Hasnt he got that already? Thought Monster Macsh set the tone for the 2nd half with the crunching tackles about 3 mins in. He played a stormer I thought and still only got 5 in some papers the next day. Must be those London based ones.

    Yeh, must have been very close. I had about 6 Norwiegans behind me who said nothing the whole game. Also i was the section just over from you directly on the aisle. Thought the lads that started the singing in the Anny Road end were legends..really got the crown pumping.

    Now to get tickets for another before the end of the season and roll on the Chavs on Sunday

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