The Picket Of Heath Ledger’s Funeral…


A very long time ago we mentioned the Westboro Baptist Church on the show. You might have seen them in a brilliant Louis Theroux documentary a few years ago. They run websites like God Hates Fags, God Hates America and far more fascinatingly God Hates Ireland.

A friend just sent the above to me. 

That’s the American constitution for you friends…

23 thoughts on “The Picket Of Heath Ledger’s Funeral…

  1. Freaks is all they are. Honest to God how can they really belive all the shite they spout.

    Heath Ledger was a fantastic actor and will be sorely missed……..RIP

  2. I can’t believe these people actually believe this. It makes me sick reading it. Heath Ledger was a great actor. May he rest in peace.

  3. I forgot about those clowns – I still await a response to the link that I sent them from my blog last year.

    Maybe it’s time for a renewed campaign..

  4. I cannot stand this f-ing people. It completely disgusts me that people like this are on the same planet. They also picket the funerals of soldiers who have died. Have a little respect for people.

  5. If they are so much closer to God than all of us ‘normal’ folk then they would know that the bible states we should treat others as we want to be treated ourselves – therefore they should not hate someone that they don’t know!!! I’m sorry but it’s disgusting!!! Let them boycott Heath’s funeral-I’m sure his family and friends will be delighted that these bigotts will not be there! He was a savage actor who will be sorely missed – love & peace to his daughter and family RIP xx

  6. people like this give the rest of us ‘christians’ a bad name.. .someone should teach them ‘Judge not lest ye be also judged’. The state of any man’s soul is between he and his God.

  7. If anyone like that picketed any funeral of any loved one I mine, their funeral would be next. How a group of individuals can be so self-centred, ignorant and putridly arrogant just defies all logic and humanity, in my opinion.

  8. So much reaction to this both here and on text this afternoon… Think I might post part of Louis Theroux’s documentary.

  9. I’m finding it very difficult to come to terms with the fact that the poor mans body is barely cold & this shower r spouting their SHITE already! God love his family. These guys were also interviewed by Keith Allen, it was unbelievable he got so angry with them but they r sick they just laugh as a defence mechanism or 2 avoid a straight answer. Laughed at A Knights Tale & cried at Brokeback Mountain, your memory will live on Heath RIP

  10. It’s just plain sad that you would take such a ridiculous social stance at someone’s funeral. It shows just how little respect you have for mankind in general. I feel sorry for that fact that you were just born dumbasses. You’re just a sad waste of human life.

  11. Was down in my local Xtravision last evening returning a DVD and they were showing A Knights Tale on the screens. About 10 people in the store, all standing stock-still and staring up at the film, sniffing sadly to themselves. A bit surreal, to be honest ..- I was going to hang on a bit and pick out a DVD for tonight but I made a hasty exit instead.

  12. The terrible bit is that blogging about these numb nuts adds fuel to their fire. If no one bothered reporting on their insane crap, then they would just give up. They thrive on the publicity.

  13. I’m deeply saddened by Ledger’s demise, he was a fine actor – but I take the point of people sniffling in Xtravision. It’s too ‘Diana-esque’ for words.

    On the protest: this sect are just a load of inbred nut-jobs and they’re dangerous fuckers. If they do picket the funeral, i think there will be a riot or significant political consequences. Freedom of speech has nothing to do with it, it is hate-speech. It’s just sick but bandwagonism at its worst.

  14. If you look carefully there’s a website…
    Surely there’s some creative techie/ geek types out there who will read this and take their minds off spamming email accounts for five minutes to block/ freeze or hurl viruses at this hatemongering website??

  15. 1. How are these people going to afford to fly to Western Australia from Kansas? Their “church” is not that big and they have spent so much money protesting military funerals.

    2. The lads in Perth, not Heath’s family, but the rest of the community will love to meet up with these eejits and express their feelings personally. If ya know what I mean.

  16. I find this the biggest load of bull since bush said there are WMDS in Iraq, it is stupid if they were true christians they would leave his family and friends mourn the loss of a great actor in peace , this is stupid and i hope that the police pull out there thumb and do something to stop this.

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