Top 20 Things For The Perfect Woman

As requested by you guys after yesterday’s “20 things for the perfect man” story in the papers – the Irish man’s Top 20 things they want in a woman as voted by listeners to the show…


20. Not afraid to be seen without makeup

19. A good driver

18. Good dancer

17. Not clingy or jealous

16. Enjoys watching movies

15. Confident

14. Likes sports

13. Non smoker

12. Nice bum

11. Slim/Toned

10. Likes the pub

 9. Good cook

 8. Dark hair

 7. Good personality

 6. Good in bed

 5. Honest

 4. Nice smile

 3. Good looking

 2. Good sense of humour

 1. Big boobs

10 thoughts on “Top 20 Things For The Perfect Woman

  1. wooooo hooooo….. Rick my Beautiful girlfriend Claire Bear got 18/20 in the quiz… she is only learning to drive and is good at it so far so i would go as far as saying she got 19/20… all she has to do is stop smoking and she will score top marks…As far as i am concerned she is perfect… xxx Richie D

  2. boobs. but of course. what else is new. no wonder there’s money to be made in fake boobs. funnily enough, i dont think young men even know the difference between real and fake, which is sad.

    dark hair surprised me. so did non smoker.

  3. Well my girlfriend BT claim’s she’s ‘only’ a 19/20 – I may be biased but in my eyes she’s perfect in every possible way….

  4. small boobs are beautiful, its time people stopped puttn out this false message that boobs have to be big, to reverse the cliche size doesnt matter!!! im shocked this is no. 1, boobs are hardly the most important thing in a girlfriend. really boys, arent good personality or confidence or honesty more important?!

  5. I am so impressed this got so many people talking here, on boards and on the show. Unvarnished reality is what it is.

    Richie – You obviously knew that before you did the list.

    Donna – In my heart of hearts I suppose I knew dark hair mattered to real guys despite what the “meeja” puts out there. In my 34 tender years – never kissed a blonde. Or wanted to!

    In all fairness to our respondents I complained when big boobs started showing up and I think they all put it in then to piss me off…

  6. rick – i’m proud of you in a geeky sort of way for never kissing a blonde 🙂 Blondes may be more fun, but brunettes are the ones you bring home to mother (‘ve been both – naturally not bottle) and i prefer darker hair – you’re actually taken more seriously. (either that or its just cause i’m 20 yrs older lol)

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