My Christmas

Finally! Worked all across apart from St Stephen’s Day (made for some cracking shows as far as we were concerned in fairness). Maybe there was a lot of people clamouring for radio that wasn’t recorded and generic over the Xmas? Whichever way, I enjoyed it.

Today is my last show til Monday January 7th with 2 notable exceptions::

Saturday at 10am I’m again for the second year chairing our annual Now That’s What I Call A Music Quiz 2007 between Gerry, Larry, Dan and Jenny G facing Colm & Jim-Jim, Ruth and Cormac. We recorded it a couple of weeks ago, there may have been a couple of glasses of vino consumed, it was just total anarchy and great fun to do.

And then there’s the important one – New Year’s Eve in the regular 2 to 5 slot we’re doing our favourite moments of the year. It’ll have live tracks recorded in studio, guests like Leonardo DiCaprio, Russell Brand, MacGyver and Beyonce, interviews with the guy who ate a corgi on the radio and the man who runs the penis museum in Iceland and your best calls and texts from the year. Really well worth the listen.

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