Al this week we have served our ASNOs (anti social networking orders) on anyone who wanted one so it’s no Facebook, Bebo, Myspace for me, Amanda and thousands of you lot who are trying it to see what happens.

I’ll be grand on the Bebo front, I could gladly just erase Myspace in the morning and not think twice but Facebook is turning out to be a bit of fun. I’ve deliberately kept it just for people I actually know, actual friends (no offence meant to random listeners and well wishers but Bebo is still all yours) and thus it’s a bit of a lark.

Every day we’ll be keeping up to date with a group of you guys who have volunteered to come on the radio and talk about it so we’ll see how long it lasts. I’ll manage it grand (my mate Kathryn has bet me a tenner I can’t. Perfect) 

Via Una, and in the spirit of the week, I’m very much loving Crackbook and Arsebook

4 thoughts on “ASNOs

  1. You, above all people, should know the level of my stubbornness 😛

    Leaving comments on my Facebook that I get mail notifications for doesn’t help!

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