Lobster Thermidor a Crevette with a mornay sauce served in a Provencale manner…

I like to try and find the goo in everything, even spam. Over the last while I’ve started to notice how entertaining the names on the accounts spam comes from can be and I thouoght I’d share. I’ve gotten spam from:
Wisam Salahuddin
Clamminess O. Frustration
Indiscretions Q. Compost
Eunice Ponce
Dickering J. Nonentities
Orifice C. Brusque
Naomi Jolly
berty denzil
Biagio delabarre

And my favourite…

Aleksandar stiff

Compliments rickoshea
Did you know 80% of ladies prefer a man that is big, they say its more fulfilling Aleksandar stiff

Someone else in the office got an offer to “improve their performance” medication from Stephen G Hawkins this morning, probably a relative of Stephen (William) Hawking the theoretical physicist.

Remember, there is good in every evil.

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