Is The Planet Shaking Or Is It Just Me…?


At least this time I have a good excuse. At 2.18pm on Wednesday the 4th my beautiful son Max was born and I’ve been on paternity leave since then. This is he.

I’d love to say I’d have had time to blog about this since then but, as any parents who read here will testify, the first couple of weeks with a little one are more hectic than anything else in your life. Moving house, new job, relocating to the moon? A doddle in comparison. Particularly when you already have 2 that need your attention 🙂

He’s into a sort of routine now so it’s back to work tomorrow… If I sound a little more spaced out than usual between 2 and 5 every day that’ll be the sleep deprivation and the excess of coffee in a desperate attempt to compensate kicking in.

Weirdly it has lead to a flood of new ideas for the show since I’ve been off… Only time will tell if they’re any good or whether Joan, Amanda and David will start nervously looking around at each other when I pitch them at the meeting tomorrow.

“You’d like to devote the first hour of the show to which colour Snack bar is people’s favourite one….? Hmmm…. Seemed like a great idea at 4.17am, eh…?”

Anyhew, what we laughingly refer to as normal service resumes tomorrow at 2…


11 thoughts on “Is The Planet Shaking Or Is It Just Me…?

  1. Gonna b soooo girly right now Rick but awwwwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhh oh he’s gorgeous!! CONGRATULATIONS xxxx

  2. Congratulations Rick, and amen to the chaos. Mind you, two and a half years on and I can’t really see any improvement :-/

  3. Congrats to you Sir. he’s a little dote.

    Is it just me or is he clutching that finger like a microphone? 🙂

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