The Day Today…

Just a few random pix from the weekend and today…

Saturday night, one or two sheets to the wind and still I was thinking off you with the latest example of Punctuation Ruining The Nation – This Time It’s Laminated!

Realised on Sunday that I hadn’t cleaned out the composting bin in the kitchen. The theory is that I fill this one and then it all gets moved to the big one down the end of the garden… Theory…

I dumped it when it made a lunge for my throat.

When you head up to pick up your son from school of a Monday you expect cars, buggies, lollipop people, dinosaurs…

It’s the latest anti-truancy measure.

Turns out we’re on the digital test transmission currently ongoing in the greater Dublin and North-East areas:

And such is the respect for Gay in the compound that not only did someone put a hat on his head to keep him warm sometime on Thursday but no-one has moved it since…

Very fetching it is too…


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